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Rupert James Baker                            

Baker’s pained and detached work meditates on our attempts to understand the shifting ethical constraints of human life through economic benchmarking and corporate governance. The sadness and tragedy in this work is apparent and is reflected in man’s economic success laying the foundations for his own destruction. Through a critical engagement with his own morals and that of multinational corporations he confronts fundamental questions of where humanity stands in relation to its environment.

Activist Investor by Rupert James Baker Ltd.

The artist is inviting you the audience, to control through ownership, one ordinary share in 'Activist Investor by Rupert James Baker Ltd.' By purchasing a combined share and print for £20.
Baker sees his role as artist and facilitator of this perpetually evolving installation with the future direction now relinquished to you, the active audience. 
The monies raised from this and all ongoing future campaigns, for the combined ordinary share and print, will be used to buy shares in the UK company BP Plc, to influence change and expectation . 'Activist Investor by Rupert James Baker Ltd.' will be present at BP Plc general meetings to vote NO, block and table resolutions, as directed by the audience. 
Each 'Activist Investor by Rupert James Baker Ltd.' share certificate is also one of three prints constructed by the artist (as depicted in the gallery).